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Brax allows users to create ads for online marketing in one location instead of having to create a campaign within every private vendor they use. Its users are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to analytics and web software, so we made sure the user experience and interface were all about data, readability, information, and functionality. We went simple and clean, and focused on removing any distractions to create an efficient workflow.

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Although the Brax team came along with a logo already in place—so we didn’t get to put our spin on that—but the rest of their branding was our vision, from fonts to color to applying these details to all of their products. We settled on a purple and green color scheme that would help give users a subconscious understanding of what they can do from each screen.

Website Design

The Brax website needed to be more conversion based, and needed to get people signed up quickly. To fit their branding, we chose to add a few angled elements to the site to complement their new branding. We also made sure frequently-used links were in effective locations.

Brax Conclusion

The team at Brax has been wonderful to work with. They truly allow their users to shape their product. Their openness to new, creative ideas made our job a lot easier and helped us create a much better product. We especially love the color combo we came up with for their branding and app—the colors really serve to make the product easy to work with all day.

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