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There is so much user research that goes into a project like CapMedic by the time you’re done with the UX process the app has all but built itself—if you listen. CapMedic challenged us to create an easy-to-use app that syncs with a Bluetooth-enabled inhaler to remind patients when and how to properly take their asthma medication. Patients range from children to seniors and include sufferers of every form of color blindness, adding a unique challenge to our design strategy. Creating a seamless user experience was absolutely critical in this project.

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We helped the team at CapMedic very early on create a prototype for the team to start looking for funding and get development started. They didn't need a logo right away but we did need a color palette and theme that felt professional and familiar.

Interactions & Prototyping

Overall, the app is all about functionality so we wanted to introduce some personality into the onboarding and liven it up a little.

Capmedic Conclusion

We enjoy getting to work on all kinds of different projects including ones like this that push UX and UI design to be as minimal and functional as possible without sacrificing style. Our designs usually lean toward a minimal aesthetic that enhances the experience and puts focus on the brand—CapMedic really fit in with that.

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