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This app is all about fashion. Although we’re keeping the app’s real name and some of its features hush-hush until full launch (lucky you, getting a glimpse into this top secret project), we were thrilled to take this client’s unique idea—to help shoppers find the designer of their favorite items—and give it a design of its own. What you see here is the overall UX and UI with some major features removed from the details.

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Like many design projects, this one needed a theme, colors, and branding, but a logo wasn't necessary just yet. We chose a style that was bold but still fit the subject, with a focus on the user's photos.

Interactions & Prototyping

The interactions for this app prototype are meant to highlight how one would get through the app without having to include step-by-step instructions through coaching screens.

Fashion App Conclusion

We’re really looking forward to seeing this one go live. One of the most exciting parts of what we do is watching clients' ideas blossom into ready-to-launch products.

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