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Oasis is creating provocative media, so their branding and design needed to emphasize what they do, but also inspire their potential clients to trust their abilities. For a branding and design project like this one, we think from the perspective of the team we’re creating for: What will really represent them? What feeling will a potential client get when they see this logo? These questions and the feelings that go along with them were at the forefront as we dove into their design.

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Logo & Branding

This is one of our favorite projects to date. We love the colors they decided on, so we used them to make sure the visuals all hint at what Oasis does, and what the team can offer clients.

Montserrat Regular

Brand Fonts

We tried to use fonts that resembled the logo, but that were still light enough to keep them from being a distraction.





Brand Colors

We went with colors that you would see on the lens of a camera, further reinforcing the multimedia message.


The logo came together after many rounds of concept ideation and collaborative edits. The client wanted to convey that their business offers a creative oasis in an uninspired market, so we wanted the logo to appear to come from nothing, like a revelation. The individual letters all come together from floating pixels, hinting toward the service the business provides.

Website Design & Development

Their website is almost wrapped up and bears all the same colors and feelings that come with the established branding. Once again there was a need for everything to look like it had been around for longer than it had, in order to create some trust in a brand new company.

Oasis Conclusion

Oasis is still a work in progress, and we’re excited to see the full package come to fruition as this passionate team ignites their industry.

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