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When approaching the design of this app we wanted to make sure their branding and style fit the subject but wasn’t too over the top with the amount of graphics as we had seen in similar apps. As a fantasy football-player ourselves, this was definitely one of the more exciting projects we’ve worked on.

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Logo & Branding

Rosterfly will be built to support fantasy sports rosters of four different sports, so the logo couldn’t be specific to a sport. We decided to focus on the name, and since it will be on an app icon it needed to stay simple and clean, while eye-catching and bright.

Montserrat Regular

Open Sans Condensed

Lato Regular

Brand Fonts

A sans-serif font with some condensed versions were used to help add to the active sports image, while maintaining readability.




Brand Colors

Reds have been used for so many sports apps, we wanted to steer away from the familiar and try an energetic orange with dark gray and white.


The logo needed to have some speed and activity to it to help a new user understand what the app was all about, but it couldn’t have an icon that resembled any specific sports icon. We created a swift combination of letters with some wings that create a shape much like many existing sports logos.

UX, UI, & User Interaction

While working through the user flows, wireframes, and creation of the user interface for Rosterfly, we began to get to know the owners well and what they were looking for. Being able to interview potential users it also provided clarity on how we could make the app really sing. We created a design that maintains a familiar, clean, and simple UI with some interesting touches to help create a unique style. My goal with every brand new app is to make sure it looks like it has been around for much longer than it has.

Interactions & Prototyping

Speed and simplicity are necessary to help someone get to their content quickly without distraction.

Rosterfly Conclusion

Most of the time our design style is clean and minimal with a focus on text and layout. Rosterfly was a blast to put together and one of the projects we can’t wait to see come to fruition. The flow through the app and the design came together effortlessly, which is always exciting for any designer.

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